The Shed, a dining institution since 1953 is located on Palace Avenue just east of the plaza. Look for the small, vividly colored wooden sign that marks the entrance. The restaurant occupies nine quiet rooms behind Prince Patio, a sunny brick and flagstone courtyard shaded by trumpet vines and adorned with roses in the summer. Customers can downshift a couple of centuries and have one of the more satisfying experiences Santa Fe has to offer.

We offer locals and visitors alike a time tested taste of the best that Northern New Mexico has to offer both in cuisine and hospitality. We are a family owned and operated business now under the management of the 3rd generation of Carswells. Visitors and locals returning to Santa Fe don't feel like they have arrived in Santa Fe until they have tasted the Shed chile once again.

The Shed is world renowned for its red chile enchiladas and other blue corn specialties, as well as tempting desserts and, of course, margaritas! A dining tradition in Santa Fe since its beginning when Polly and Thornton Carswell opened it on Burro Alley. The Shed structure had formerly been used by wood gatherers to protect their burros while the "Lenadores" quenched their thirst in the cantina around the corner.

After several years of wildly increasing demand, Polly & Thornton moved the restaurant to its current location, Prince Patio, in 1960. The tradition continues with the Carswell family now in the third generation. The Shed’s Chile comes directly from the farm.

Prince Patio, an adobe hacienda, dates back to 1692, when the king of Spain gave this property to Captain Diego Arias de Quiros in recognition of his services in the reconquest. In 1879, this patio acquired its present name when Governor Bradford Prince bought these eighteen rooms built around three patios and established his family here, where they stayed until 1940.

Come experience the warm hospitality of northern New Mexico and unique cuisine which mixes Pueblo, Spanish and Mexican influences.

Additionally, please visit our sister restaurant La Choza. La Choza opened in 1983 and is thriving in the dynamic Santa Fe railyard.

“At The Edge of Town” : A Timeless Classic

The Shed and La Choza are two beloved restaurants in the heart of Santa Fe. They have become as much a part of authentic Santa Fe history as the buildings they occupy. It’s hard to believe that each was once considered to be “at the edge of town.” From burro shelter, to a governor’s home, to a ranch house, the path of the Carswell family legacy has certainly been unique.

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